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Flexible LED Strips

LEDwise is the manufacturer of LED tape lights and LED strip lights that offer energy efficient, stylish and modern solutions to cove, under-cabinet, display, and other accent lighting applications. Flexible LED linear lighting is UL Listed with field cuttable options. Our long-life flexible linear lighting solutions are easily mounted on most surfaces and is offered in your choic...

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COB Strip Light

COB (Chip on board) LED products are slowly starting to seep into the market, it is set to take the whole industry by storm soon. A chip on board LED is basically a LED chip diode built directly into the PCB at the manufacturer. Without traditional LED packaging (5mm LED, 3528, 5050, 5630, 5730 SMD LED), components and assembly is avoided to max out the full potential of the LED chip.

The LEDwise COB LED Strip is in 10W/m (3Watts/foot). This LED Strip has very high-density lighting with 512 LEDs per meter which is 156LEDs/ft. It’s cuttable every 62.5mm for 12/24VDC. It offers a 90-plus CRI, lighting efficiency ranging from 83.9lm/w (263.7lm/ft) to 97.9lm/w (313.5lm/ft), colour temperatures ranging from 2,400K-6,500K. Energy efficient and uniform illumination output (No dark spot, flicker-free) are the most reasons for many customers choose this light. It is ideal for displays, exhibitions, under-cabinet, cove lighting applications and more.

Part No. CCT Lumens/m Lumens/Ft. FPC LED Q'ty CRI Wattage Linear Run Range Working Voltage
COB-N512WH08I12/24-U 2700K 940 287 8mm 512 90+ 9.84W/m (3W/ft) 5m 24VDC (12VDC)
3000K 1,000 305
4000K 1,110 338
COB-N512WH10I12/24-U 2700K 940 287 10mm 512 90+ 9.84W/m (3W/ft) 5m 24VDC (12VDC)
3000K 1,000 305
4000K 1,110 338
SMD5050RGB Flex LED Strip Lights

RGB LED strips can animate any home, hospitality and entertainment venues. With WIFI controller, these strips can create thousands of colors. When paired with a remote controller, these strips allow you to precisely control the color of your accent lighting, creating a lively and fun atmosphere wherever they are installed.

Part No. Color Lumens/m Lumens/Ft. FPC LED Q'ty Wattage Linear Run Range Working Voltage
FR5050RGB30WH10X12(24) RGB 210 64 White/Brown,
10mm/12mm, 2OZ
30pcs 7.2W 6M/12M 12V/24V
FR5050RGB60WH12X12(24) RGB 420 128 White/Brown,
10mm/12mm, 2OZ
60pcs 14.4W 5M/10M 12V/24V
FR5050RGB84WH12X12(24) RGB 590 180 White/Brown,
10mm/12mm, 2OZ
84pcs 20W 5M/8M 12V/24V

Highly bendable SMD2110 LED Strips
2110 series is a new and highly bendable led strip, even it could be randomly knotted without any damage or influence on its quality and performance
Part No. CCT Lumens/m Lumens/Ft. FPC LED Q'ty CRI Wattage Linear Run Range Working Voltage
FR-2110-X-60-WH-10-OE-24-U 2700K 350 107 10mm 60 90+ 4.8W/M 4.57m/15tf 24VDC
3000K 360 110
4000K 400 122
6000K 400 122
FR-2110-X-70-WH-10-OE-24-U 2700K 405 123 10mm 70 90+ 4.8W/M 4.57m/15tf 24VDC
3000K 415 126
4000K 460 140
6000K 460 140
FR-2110-X-112-WH-10-OE-24-U 2700K 645 197 10mm 112 90+ 7.6W/M 4.57m/15tf 24VDC
3000K 660 201
4000K 730 223
6000K 730 223
FR-2110-X-140-WH-10-OE-24-U 2700K 810 247 10mm 140 90+ 9.6W/M 4.57m/15tf 24VDC
3000K 830 253
4000K 910 277
6000K 910 277
FR-2110-X-210-WH-10-OE-24-U 2700K 1215 370 10mm 210 90+ 14.4W/M 4.57m/15tf 24VDC
3000K 1245 379
4000K 1350 411
6000K 1350 411
FR-2110-X-280-WH-10-OE-24-U 2700K 1600 488 10mm 280 90+ 19.2W/M 4.57m/15tf 24VDC
3000K 1640 500
4000K 1800 549
6000K 1800 549