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Dinning Room

LEDwise LC66 is rectangular, clean-line LED Channel Light. Can place monochromatical LED Strips or Tunable White LED Strips inside, ideal for kitchen illumination solution. Polycarbonate diffuser protects the LED Strips from steam and dirt. Excellent lighting makes cooking easier and more fun! Easy to assemble.

WLC05 is designed into angular and inconspicuous, with hidden installation. Illumination angle sheds light in the direction of the countertop. Suitable as practical task lighting or ambiance lighting hidden beneath the top cupboard.

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    Designed to be mounted in a rebated channel or plastered in place, WLC05 is ideal for concealing LED strip lighting beneath a diffuser. It can be easily installed in iron places since there are magnets on its backside. The recessed mounted channel light has the following characters: small size, light weight, slim, with magnetic adsorption. It can be used as prime illumination or suppleme...

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    LC66 Aluminum LED Channel Light was specifically developed for applications where custom length, end-to-end illumination and easy on-site installation are crucial. Combining lengths customization with slim extrusion housing design as well as excellent light performance makes LC66 one of the most desirable linear LED lighting solutions available. Standard color 3,000K warm white and...