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Factory at a glance

By the time walking into LEDwise’s factory, the first impression to most clients is its shinning ground and the tidiness of the production lines. That’s the only thing that most factories are able to exhibit to their clients, from appearance. We are one of them too.

While hidden in the soul of LEDwise’s workshop, there’s something different from others.

Precise lead time.

The lead time can be difficult to evaluate for most factories. While LEDwise is very focused on it and made it being controlled precisely. The procedure to give out lead time follows this flow, engineer and purchasing staff analyze the necessary material and give an estimated IQC finish time to our production team leader, the team leader tell the sales team the production time. The sales team thus is able to promise a lead time to clients.

Quality control.

Quality matters at LEDwise. As frequently quoted by some of our clients, “Quality isn’t something that can be argued into an article or promised into it. It must be put there. If it isn’t put there, the finest sales talk in the world won’t act as a substitute.”, since our establishment in 2007, quality is the soul of our core competence, no compromise.

Our factory is ISO9001:2015 operated. And as a prerequisite to enter the US and European markets, LEDwise obtained ETL and CE certifications for the required products. According to the demand, applying for Title 24 of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards in terms of flicker level and power factor can also be managed.

Test equipment and QC in the manufacturing process is invested and arranged to ensure good quality.

Fast response organization

3)Throughout 12 years of experience, we’ve come across countless lighting projects that either is urgent or need customized products. To take good care of these sorts of projects, we organized our team as a fast response organization. For any projects, we are able to provide quotations in 1~2 days. Fast-acting sometimes can be a great help to clients who need to compete against their competitors.

Customized lighting products.

4)The seemingly capricious market requires a diverse product range. It makes our clients have to provide as many products as possible to keep up with trends. While most of the products will fail, only the minority can bring real money to the pocket. Nobody wants a “diverse” inventory with most of which are unable to sell. Therefore, our customized service is launched, customized lighting products, NO MOQ. This is a service we provide to our cooperating clients.

Working in the LED industry, Working with a right supplier. LEDwise, is at your choice.