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Sunlike LED Strip Lights

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Sunlike Flex LED Strip Lights

The LEDwise Sunlike LED strips are equipped with the innovative SunLike full-spectrum LEDs, which have a CRI value of almost 100 and whose light spectrum no longer has any gaps. The complete colour spectrum, which is comparable to sunlight, reproduces colours in a particularly realistic manner and even the smallest colour nuances can be reliably assessed.

Part No. CCT Lumens/m Lumens/Ft. FPC LED Q'ty CRI Wattage Linear Run Range Working Voltage
FR2835X120WH12OE24-S 2700K 2050 625 12mm, 4OZ 120pcs/m 95+ 28.8W/m 10m(24V) or 5m(12V) DC12V or DC24V
3000K 2100 640
4000K 2300 701
6000K 2300 701