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Living Room

LC35 is one of the most popular products in LEDwise. It can be easily fixed in wall with its U-shape to outline the ceiling.

LC67 is a bendy channel light. It can be bended randomly for decoration with its utra-thin shape. It also can be restored as normal lighting.

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    With a U-shaped acrylic diffuser, this LED aluminum channel fixture can evenly bring light from both the top and the sides, and it can be easily fixed in wall or under cabinets with its mounting clips. The biggest feature of this channel light is that it shines uniformly, and no dark spot is visible at any angle.

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    Coupled with super-transparent lens, an ultra-thin aluminum channel and a flexible LED strip constitute this new type of LED channel light. because of its ultra-soft characteristics, it can be bent or decorated randomly according to customer any requirement, it is widely used in advertising and decoration industry, and deeply favored by the market.