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Flexible LED Strips

LEDwise is the manufacturer of LED tape lights and LED strip lights that offer energy efficient, stylish and modern solutions to cove, under-cabinet, display, and other accent lighting applications. Flexible LED linear lighting is UL Listed with field cuttable options. Our long-life flexible linear lighting solutions are easily mounted on most surfaces and is offered in your choic...

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Sunlike Flex LED Strip Lights

The LEDwise Sunlike LED strips are equipped with the innovative SunLike full-spectrum LEDs, which have a CRI value of almost 100 and whose light spectrum no longer has any gaps. The complete colour spectrum, which is comparable to sunlight, reproduces colours in a particularly realistic manner and even the smallest colour nuances can be reliably assessed.

Part No. CCT Lumens/m Lumens/Ft. FPC LED Q'ty CRI Wattage Linear Run Range Working Voltage
FR2835X120WH12OE24-S 2700K 2050 625 12mm, 4OZ 120pcs/m 95+ 28.8W/m 10m(24V) or 5m(12V) DC12V or DC24V
3000K 2100 640
4000K 2300 701
6000K 2300 701
White Color SMD3528 LED Strips
The bright SMD3528 and 5050 lamp as the light emitting element, together with the high temperature resistant flexible FPC made,  high CRI: 90
Part No. CCT Lumens/m Lumens/Ft. FPC LED Q'ty CRI Wattage Linear Run Range Working Voltage
FR3528X30WH08X12(24)-U 2200K 205 62 8mm, 2OZ 30pcs/m 90+ 3.6W/m DC12V: 7m
DC24V: 15m
DC12V or DC24V
2700K 270 82
3000K 280 85
3500K 290 88
4000K 300 91
6000K 300 91
FR3528X60WH10X12(24)-U 2200K 410 125 10mm, 2OZ 60pcs/m 90+ 7.2W/m DC12V: 6m
DC24V: 12m
DC12V or DC24V
2700K 540 165
3000K 560 171
3500K 570 174
4000K 600 183
6000K 600 183
FR3528X120WH10X12(24)-U 2200K 800 244 10mm, 2OZ 120pcs/m 90+ 14.4W/m DC12V: 4m
DC24V: 8m
DC12V or DC24V
2700K 1050 320
3000K 1080 329
3500K 1100 335
4000K 1150 351
6000K 1150 351
FR3528X240WH15X12(24)-U 2200K 1200 366 15mm, 2OZ 240pcs/m 90+ 20W/m DC12V: 4m
DC24V: 7.5m
DC12V or DC24V
2700K 1500 457
3000K 1580 482
3500K 1620 494
4000K 1700 518
6000K 1700 518