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SMD5050 RGBW Flex LED Strip Lights

RGB+W LED strips can animate any home, hospitality and entertainment venues. With WIFI controller, these strips can create thousands of colors. When paired with a remote controller, these strips allow you to precisely control the color of your accent lighting, creating a lively and fun atmosphere wherever they are installed.

Mechanical Diagram
Output Voltage:

DC12V or DC24V

Features & Application

Lighting up feature areas around  the house

Creating  a cool building outline

Transforming outdoor entertaining areas

Illuminating artwork and sculptures

Highlighting shop displays

Product Specification
Working Voltage 12VDC/24VDC
Cuttable 3LEDs/Section (12V), 6LEDs/Section (24V)
LED Beam Angle 120°
Color RGB+2200K,RGB+2700K,RGB+3000K, RGB+4000K, RGB+6000K
FPC Width 12mm
IP Rating IP20, IP54, IP65, IP67
Working Temperature 0~40℃
Lifespan 50,000h
Dimmable Standard 
How to order
  • color LED strip
Compatible Accessories
SL-V-12XXXP Plastic Power Supply, Output: DC12V or 24V
Output Power Options: 12W,24W,36W,48W,60W,72W,96W,120W
SL-V-12XXXM Metal Power Supply, Output: DC12V or 24V
Output Power Options:25W,50W,60W,100W,145W,200W,250W,350W,400W,500W
SL-V-12XXX Plastic Power Supply, Output: DC12V or 24V
Output Power Options: 15W,18W,30W,40W,60W,100W,150W,200W
RC600RGBW RGBW Controller 6A×4 DC12V/24V
SL-01RGBW RGBW Crystal  Plugs with 15cm waterproof wire.
SL-XRR-2 5pin RGBW Connector  for strips 10mm/12mm without wire.
SL-XRR-2A 5pin RGBW Connector  for strips 10mm/12mm without wire.
SL-XRR-A×2 5pin RGBW Connector  for strips 10mm/12mm without wire.