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LEDwise After-Sale Service Real Case

By Echo   Jul 02,2020

Customer Complaints Case 1 15th April, 2020


15th April 2020, client 45-LL complains that the adhesive tape does not completely stick to 

the silicone tube in the backside of an IP67 waterproof LED Strip Light.


23rd April 2020, LEDwise give a response & solution as below,

Minor inter-spaces between the tape and FPC (or silicone tube) are acceptable by LEDwise 

standard (Also widely accepted by market standard), see arrow marks; big inter-spaces are 

not acceptable, see circle mark. Our QC will do random inspections before packing. All defective 

products will be returned to the production line and re-manufactured to meet the standard.

To achieve that the tape and FPC (or silicone tube) completely fitted, making the front side of 

FPC (LEDs loaded on the front side.) toward the center of the reel while wrapping it is recommended. 

(Rarely seen this way of packing in the market.)

Customer Complaints Case 2 11th May, 2020


8th May 2020, a client from Latin America sent some pictures of 2 samples offered by LEDwise. 

The BD Rep. Echo found out that the labels were reversed. Echo then wrote an email to the QC department, 

one day later an investigation email was received. It says as the following,


Dear Echo,


Hope you are good!


Regarding the reversed labels, we did an investigation. You are right, according to our investigation, 

the labels indeed stuck to the samples wrongly. The mistake happened through this process:


Our QA in the line rejected the samples because the length was longer than 5 meters, which is how long 

the samples supposed to be. Then, the samples been returned to the sample person in charge and re-cut 

to the right length. (By this time, the labels were still good.) While after cutting, the person in charge used 

the wrong reels to roll up the samples.


We rushed to meet the shipping time, making sure no delay will happen, while we didn’t re-check the package. 

This is how it happened...


We feel very sorry for the mistake, and will keep it in mind, not letting it happen again. Meanwhile, we’ll punish 

the sample person in charge according to the relevant rules.


Best Regards,

QC Department